Primary Packaging

Bottle Filling:

  Various bottles sizes and shapes
  Packaging run size flexibility
  Induction sealing

Blister Packaging:

  Cold (ALU/ALU)
  Thermo forming (PVC/ALU)

Release for Supply

Secondary Packaging

  Complex kit assembly
  Packaging of promotional
and demonstration kits
  Shrink wrapping

Turnkey packaging

Expert advice on design of:

  Private labels – we help you to create your own product line
  Assistance on packaging and printed materials design

Regulatory Support

  Support for listing new products
  Support for registering new products

About medipaQ

Customer Centric. Quality Focused. Innovation Driven

“Partner with us if you need the Quality finished product yesterday – MedipaQ will make it happen”


o TGA & GMP approved packaging and warehouse facility - MedipaQ offers a TGA and GMP licenced packaging and warehouse facility for complimentary medicines.
o Flexible run options – At MedipaQ our cutting-edge production processes and machinery allows us the flexibility to pack a wide range of batch sizes. There are no batches too small or big for us!
o Unbeatable price with premium service – We understand the growing competitiveness in the food and pharma industry, and as such MedipaQ promises to work with you to remain within your budget, while providing highest quality packaging services that we are known for.
o Quality on-time, every time – As a packaging solutions partner, we form a critical part of our customers supply chain. We guarantee to hit committed delivery times first time, every time. Without fail!
o Bespoke packaging solutions – Our customers are the centre of our world. We provide custom crafted solutions that are centrally focused at helping them bring their product to life, irrespective of challenges along the way.



We thrive and pride ourselves on our adaptability to customers’ needs and the Quality of our packaging services.

We promise to partner with you, at every step of the way, to provide the highest class in customer service, while remaining cost effective.

Our priority is always you, Quality of your product and its rapid delivery to the market. .


To humbly contribute our part to human wellbeing and health through our highest Quality and value added packaging services.


As we truly understand the varied requirements, tight timelines and the budget of our customers, our motto is “MAKE IT HAPPEN”

Why You Need a Contract Packer?



Brand owner? (Lifesavers... literally!) 

Bulk Manufacturer? (heroes behind the curtain!)

  • Out of stock is a major issue for brand owners. With our rapid turnaround times, you will NEVER run into “Out of Stock” issues. We live in a fast world where products move at lightning speed, delay is not an option! Place your order with us to experience unprecedented turnaround times on your finished product delivery, like you have never seen before.
  • Facing cost pressures?? We understand, after all, we are a business too!! take a moment to explore if your current contract packer is charging you premium price for their service – at MedipaQ we made contract packing simple and efficient to provide you with best price and competitive advantage, with market-leading quality promise. 
  • Thinking of trying something new in the market? We love and support innovation (check out our tag line!!) We embrace small the production runs for new product launches.
  • Don’t waste it, revive it! At MedipaQ we believe in reducing wastage (and costs!). We will work with you to give your problem stock another chance in the market, through means of rework or re-packaging it into a new format.


  • Reduce the squeeze – We are a specialized and cost-conscious contract packer who can assist you to make the finished product packaging more economical and faster.
  • One percenters – You are good, we know it. But, some types of packaging formats can be low value adding for your staff and equipment. At MedipaQ we absorb the costs of your trial runs, saving you time and money.
  • Spill overs – We understand the volatility in our industry and as evidence of this we promise to partner with you to evenly manage your packaging volume throughout the year, leading to higher efficiency and labor utilization (even your accountants will love us!)
  • New to this world? We understand the complications and stresses of running a new manufacturing facility. Allow us to partner with you to expand your offering to your customers with the peace of mind that all your packaging requirements are taken care of.



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